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Berry works across TV, documentary, online and multi-platform projects; we also produce content for social, political and environmental campaigns.

Berry Production Services can vary from consulting on the development of a pitch, to gathering teams in order to realize larger projects and delivering that content. We draw on a network of professionals and tailor productions teams to best suit the project.

Berry Consulting provides services that include: Campaign Strategy and Execution, Impact and Social Engagement Consulting, and Workshops for students and separately, professional people.


Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.

- Hannah Arendt


Anna Bateman

Founder Anna Bateman has experience on social, political and environmental campaigns and works closely with a team of people who can mobilize quickly and bring their high level expertise to any project requiring media strategy and impact.  Anna has extensive contacts across traditional and non-traditional media and has created hundreds of hours of factual and comedy-based content.


At Berry we get excited about the power of true stories

and their impact on people’s lives

© Oliver Berlin

© Oliver Berlin

Anna Bateman is the owner of Berry Productions.  She is a media strategist and producer/director who via Berry Productions, focuses on social, political and environmental campaigns—small, big and everything in between—aimed at taking on the challenges of society and the planet in the 21st century. 

She also has a thing for comedy and takes it very seriously.  Anna not only produces comedy, she judges how good other people are at, having had a role as a Judge 2006 - 2014 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

With 27 years of experience in Australia and the UK as an award-winning producer and director in non-fiction television, radio, online and social media campaigns, Anna brings a diverse wealth of creative, editorial and practical expertise.

Her most recent television credits as producer and/or director include: Series Producer, Luke Warm Sex (Northern Pictures and ABCTV Australia, 2015); Producer/Director Judith Lucy Is All Woman (ABC1, 2014); Director, Hidden In The Hand documentary (SBS & The Smithsonian Channel USA, 2013); Can of Worms (2011, Zapruder’s Other Films, Channel 10).

From 2004-2008, Anna worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as an executive producer in Arts, Entertainment & Comedy & Factual /Documentary respectively. She has produced over 200 hours of television for ABC TV and managed several websites.  

Anna has worked across a range of genres: from news and entertainment, to lifestyle and documentary; in studio and live shows. She has a passion for program ideas which push the boundaries but play to target audiences, and often combine the high and low.  She’s had success in identifying future trends; has a strong track record in encouraging and facilitating on-line content; she has managed small and large budgets, overseen all aspects of production, and worked closely with marketing departments in the promotion of programs. 

Prior to the ABC Anna worked in-house for FOXTEL (2004-1997) at the Arena/The Lifestyle Channel as a senior creative producer-director. She created a number of original formats and made a diverse range of series and documentaries: Driven to Distraction, By Design, Julie’s Baby, Lifeforce, Larger than Life, One Track Minds: Understanding Autism, Good Girls Do Swallow, Two Weeks on a Big Hill, among others. Anna’s directorial style changed the whole ‘look’ of The LifeStyle Channel; that channel’s output became the benchmark for high production standards across the Foxtel Network.

In the UK, where she trained as a researcher and producer, she worked for the groundbreaking Youth Program Network 7 on Channel 4, Reportage for the BBC, and later as a Senior Researcher for London Weekend Television.  In 1989, she worked as a producer for BSKYB before being recruited by Initial Film & TV to be producer/director on Saturday Night at the Movies for ITV.

I hate patriotism... I can't stand it. It's a round world last time I checked. 

-  Bill Hicks


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